Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

1. Missing: Missing makes me think of my brother, whom I am always missing. But, I couldn't get to his resting place for a picture, I went to another. Chances are, someone was/is missing this person.

2. Numbers: Roman numerals- how fancy!

3. Purple: my favorite color.

My mom hates it when I take her picture.

4. Music: Shooting at an education rally- HARD WORK!

5. Bracelet: She may kill me if she fights out...


  1. Nice hunt, beautiful captered!

  2. These are gorgeous! Great lighting in purple!

  3. I liked the photo of your musicians. especially the fact that your drummer offered to pose. the town center in San Luis Obispo has a clock very similar to the one you posted. is your weather getting cold yet?

    1. Yes, it is getting colder each week! Thank you!